Soling Technical Information

The following is meant a general description of the Soling only. The Soling is an International One Design racing yacht the specification of which is tightly controlled by the International Soling Association (ISA). For more detailed and definitive information please refer to the ISA Website then click on “Rules” on the overhead menu bar and then “ISA Class Rules”.



Dry Weight: minimum of 1035 kg

Keel: 580 kg +/- 10 kg  (1,280 lbs)

Hull: 375 kg

LOA: 8.15 metres (26.7 ft)

LWL: 6.1 Metres (20 ft)

Beam: 1.9 metres (6 ft 3 in)

Draft: 1.3 metres (4 ft 3 in)

Mast: 9.3 metres (31 ft)

Sail Plan

Bermudan Sloop with Fractional Rig

– Battened Self-tacking Jib (8.1 sq metres) options – Jib for light/medium airs and Jib for heavier weather – two jibs allowed

– Battened Mainsail (15.6 square Metres)  weight = 230 gms/metre squared  – one mainsail allowed

– Spinnaker ( maximum 45 sq metres – minimum 35 sq metres) – two spinnakers allowed

Rigging and Controls

The Soling’s running and stranding rigging is designed to allow precise and subtle changes to all settings while on the go to maximize the speed and handling of the yacht and to enable adapting to the varying conditions that can be encountered while competing in any race.  The following is a list of the Soling’s standing and running rigging/controls:

Standing Rigging

– Mast

– Forestay

– Backstay

– Outer/upper shrouds

– Inner/lower shrouds

Standing Rigging Controls

– Forestay tensioner

– Backstay tensioner

– Backstay fine tune (not on all boats)

– Upper/outer shroud tension/car adjustment

– Lower/inner Shroud tension/car adjustment

Self-tacking Jib Controls

– Jib Tack tension

– Jib Halyard tension

– Jib sheet tension

– Jib sheet fine tune (not on all boats)

– Jib Traveller adjustment

Mainsail  Controls

– Main Halyard

– Main sheet tension

– Outhaul tension

– Vang/kicker tension

– Cunningham tension

– Main traveller

– Topping lift tension (not on all boats)

Spinnaker Controls

– Sheet and guy

– Spinnaker pole uphaul

– Spinnaker pole downhaul

– Twining lines