British Soling Association Membership

We encourage all Soling owners to join the British Soling Association.  By maintaining your membership of the BSA, the BSA can continue to be a body to protect the interests of British Soling owners and crews and to organise events on behalf of the members such as the National Championships.

The BSA is currently making a bid to hold the 2019 Soling World Championships in the UK to create a premier event for our members  and members of the ISA abroad.

You must have a current ISA membership sticker on your boat to compete in ISA  events.

The Benefits of BSA Membership

– Keep up top date with news of changes in regulations

– Central source and maintenance of a register of all British Solings

– Ability to enter British Soling Association events and regattas

– Membership of International Soling Association

– Ability to enter International Soling Association events and regattas

– Free copy of the latest “Soling Sailing” the ISA bulletin

– Being kept up to date with what is happening in the UK fleet

– Free posting of boats and items for sail on the BSA website

– Occasional subsidies for elements of UK BSA events

How to join the BSA

Contact the BSA Secretary by email at  to get an application for emailed to you.

The membership fee is £35 per boat and the ISA sticker costs a further £30 which is paid by the BSA to the ISA.

Payment to the BSA for membership and fees can be made by cheque or by bank transfer.