Soling World Championships – UK Bid

In September 2016 The Soling World Championships were held at Kingston, Ontario. In 2017 the Soling Worlds were held in The Netherlands and in  2018 the Worlds will be held in November in Buenos Aires.

The Soling World Championships is a major World Class yacht racing event with all the bells and whistles. It must, and will satisfy all the requirements demanded by the International Soling Association (ISA) and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).  It has to be a highly organised event with world class race officers, judges and jury.

The British Soling Association was considering putting together a bid to host the Soling World Championships in 2019 but since then the BREXIT referendum took place throwing the relationship between Britain and the European Union in 2019 into great uncertainty. As a result it was decided that it was too great a risk to bid for 2019.

However the BSA is now preparing a bid for 2021.

The BSA has only just started planning, budgeting and evaluating the feasibility of hosting the event in 2021. Our feasibility study/bid is being led by the BSA Secretary Paul Tully. We are looking for a prime location/venue that will be a real draw to the best sailors in the world and we plan to put on an event that will be remembered for its excellence should we decide to go ahead.

Holding an international Soling event in the UK is a rare event. The last time the Soling World Championships were held in the UK was in 1970 at Poole when John Oakeley from Britain came third. The last time the Europeans were held in Britain was at Troon in 1997 when Andy Beadsworth won silver.

No Briton has won a top three place in the World Championships since 1970 at Poole.  No Briton has won a place in the top three in the Europeans since 1997 at Troon.

Britain’s only Olympic medal in a Soling was a bronze won by Lawrie Smith in the 1992 in Barcelona.

It looks like we will have a real challenge to put up world class contenders from the UK. That means we have to start planning to win now!

One of the things that the BSA is determined to do is to try attract young, up and coming, talented sailors to the UK fleet and to contend the World Championships held in the UK for the UK. Any young sailors interested should contact the BSA fleet secretary.

So watch this space and our website for further news on the Soling World Championships and our “New Talent Soling Programme”.

We will be looking for sponsors and we will also be looking for help  in planning and organising the event so don’t wait to be asked! Step up if you would like to play a part in making this happen!