Are You A Good Enough Sailor Win Gold in the Soling  European or World Championships??????

The British Soling Association (BSA) is planning on bidding to host the Soling World Championships in the UK  in the future, perhaps as early as 2019.  Can you win Gold for the UK at those Championships?  Now is the time to start your preparation/campaign! If you want to make the jump from dinghy racing to yacht racing and you think you can win Gold send your sailing curriculum vitae to the BSA secretary.

The Soling is a one ton, International One Design (IOD) racing yacht that takes  a crew of three. It is quite a technical boat to sail with just about everything easily adjustable while racing including the fore-stay, the back-stay and both the upper and lower shroud tensions. It has a powerful rig with a thirty one foot mast, a mainsail of 15.6 square metres and jib of 8.1 square metres which is self tacking. The symmetrical spinnaker is nearly double the main and jib together at 45 square metres.

Do you have the potential to win gold for Britain in a Soling against world class, international competition? Can you succeed where others have not? Have you got it in you to win Gold in the European Championships or the the World Championships?

We are looking for experienced and talented sailors, perhaps young sailors who want to make the jump from dinghy sailing to international yacht racing who are capable of taking on the best in the world and winning.  If you think you have the potential to win gold we are interested in you!  Contact the British Soling Association Secretary though the Contacts on this website.

The Challenege

The Soling was created in response to a design competition for a three man keel boat for the Kiel Olympics of 1972. Part of the specification was that the winning boat had to be capable of offshore racing in weather.   The Soling was chosen and remained the Olympic three man keel boat for twenty eight years.

In all of those years no Briton has ever won an Olympic gold medal. No Briton has ever gained a first place in any of the forty three Soling World Championships or the forty four European Fleetrace Championships held since the Soling was designed.

The only Golds won by Britons were one gold in the 1995 World Matchrace Championships which were run for five years and one gold in the 1995 European Matchrace Championships which were held for four years.

UK Medal History

Olympic Games: The only Olympic medal the UK ever gained in a Soling was a bronze in 1998 at Barcelona which was won by Lawrie Smith, with his crew Robert Cruikshank  and Ossie Stewart.

Soling World Championships: The best achieved by the UK was  a third place by John Oakely and his crew in 1970 at Poole.

European Fleetrace Championships:  The UK won two silvers, one by John Oakley and his crew in 1972 at Shovshoved in Denmark, and one by Andy Beadsworth and his crew in 1997 at Troon, Scotland.

World Matchrace Championships:   A Briton, Stuart Childerley won Gold in the World Matchrace Championships in Kingston Ontario in 1995. The World Matchrace Championships were held for five consecutive years from 1995 to 2000.

European Matchrace Championships:  A Briton Andy Beadsworth, won Gold in the World Matchrace Championships help at Torbay 1995. Stuart Childerley from the UK won bronze at the same event. There were only four championships held and these were in 1993, 1995,  1997 and 1998.